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01The situation

To promote the UN’s Global Goals, star painter Leon Löwentraut agreed to translate each goal into a powerful painting. His 17 art pieces are now traveling through art galleries worldwide.

02The challenge

The challenge was to create an equally powerful digital exhibition, that was more than a mere mirror of Instagram.

03The idea

On users not only learn about the Global Goals, but also take action against the issues behind them – via an innovative way of navigation with digital brushes. Visitors use these brushes to explore Leon’s art, by crossing out issues – and thereby voicing their support for the respective Global Goal.

04The result

Only a few weeks after launch, people made more than 131,683 brush strokes against the world's problems. We developed an algorithm to turn these brushstrokes into "Piece 18" – the most beautiful petition in the world, that will now travel through art galleries worldwide alongside Leon’s 17 paintings.

04An interactive art exhibition

Translating Global Goals into the Global Language of art: 130.000 brush strokes against the world’s biggest issues.

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Brush Scale

In reality brush strokes get smaller as the stroke is painted, so we matched this with a non-linear curve progression to handle the size of the brush.

Supply Level

A visual supply level indicates how much paint is left, as well as being used to hook on for dynamically changing other parameters over time because it gradually goes from 100% to 0%; such as amount of bristles that touch the surface at a specific time.

Bristle Layers

When brushes come into contact with a surface, all bristles touch the surface and as a painter continues through the motion, the brush loses paint supply. For a more realistic effect, we remove more and more bristle layers which thin out the brush visually.

Texture Stamping

Each stroke is made up of thousands of interpolated stamps, but are throttled by a 25% chance of failing, or being 'skilled' – creating a textured result to the brush.


We developed a visual identity for the website, centred around the style of art gallery and museum signage. Colourless and invariable utilizing line-work, it provided a complementary base to allow Leon’s paintings to take centre stage.

06Database Collection

More than a design gimmick: Each brush stroke is pulled into a database, tracking location, respective goal and unique form measured by its user gesture data.

07A painting algorithm

An original algorithmic tool takes the database's brush stroke information and turns it into “Piece 18” – a generative one-of-a-kind painting, co-created by computer and humans.

The result

131,683 brush strokes for the most beautiful petition in the world. “Piece 18” will be printed and exhibited worldwide alongside Leon’s 17 paintings before being auctioned for charity.